Interview with an Avid Reader: Linda Terrutty

Join me in welcoming Linda Terrutty for an interview! Linda's been a member of my newsletter list for over a year, and she's an avid reader. This is just the first in a series of reader interviews I'll be conducting. Enjoy!

Interview with Linda Terrutty

1. How old were you when you started reading for enjoyment? What kinds of books did you start reading? What kinds of books do you enjoy reading most, now?  
I was about 11 or 12 when I started reading books not required by school. I mostly read romance novels – Harlequins to be exact (I used to sneak my mom’s and actually got in trouble for bringing one to school). I’m still a huge fan of romance novels, but across all genres from historical, suspense, and paranormal. As long as there is romance in the book, I’d probably read it regardless if it is deemed horror, sci-fi, dystopian, erotica, or same gender romances. 

2. What 3 things would you like other readers and writers to know about you? 
First, if I had to pick something I could not live without and that I spend most of free time doing, it is reading. Second, I always wanted to be a writer, but unfortunately, realized I just did not have the knack for it. My creativity is limited which is why I try my hardest not to judge too harshly any book that I read. If it were easy, wouldn’t we all be doing it? And third, I can be fickle. This means that on any given day, I can be in the mood for paranormal books and ONLY paranormal books, and on others, I may just want to lose myself in a good old-fashioned, sweetly written historical romance. Books that some may find boring, I adore. 

3. What are some things you look for in a good book? 
Ok, so I’m not a true grammar Nazi, but will admit that if there are enough errors (missing words, misspelled words, sentences that do not make sense, etc.) of them, that will definitely drop my rating on a book. The other thing is that it has to have a decent plot. I read a book one time that just rambled. It felt repetitive and as if the author was just trying to stretch the book out to a length that was more in line with a novella vs. a short serial. But, there is a fine line. I don’t just read the book, I actually picture it in my head as I read so if it isn’t clear or overly descriptive, I lose that picture and the book loses my interest. Luckily, I’ve only not finished a book twice. 
What separates a good book from a great book in your opinion? 
In my opinion, what makes a book great is if I lose myself in it. Given the context, I either laughed, or cried, or found myself holding my breath while I turned those pages as fast as I could to see what the characters would do next. And it has to be a book that has held me captive throughout, and not just part way through the book. I know this is difficult; to create a story that will appeal to everyone equally and have seen reviews that are completely opposite of mine for those books that I have loved.     

4. When and where do you do most of your reading? 
I read mostly at home while in bed at night, but will read anywhere that I have to sit and wait so a book goes with me whenever I leave the house. 
No exceptions. What’s your favorite reading device? 
My kindle is my favorite reading device. If I pick up an actual book, it is because I borrowed it from my library or a friend.

5. What are some things that make you pick up an indie author’s book(s)? 
There are several things and in the order that are most important! 1) The synopsis has to be interesting and as I said, if there is romance included, then I’ll pick it up. However, to be completely honest, given the number of books available, the price has to be right too. 2) If it is an author I have not read before, I will usually try a book that has been recommended by someone I know who has read it even if the synopsis did not grab my attention. 3) If the book is written by an author who is new to me and not recommended by someone I know, I’ll try the book at $1.99 or less if the reviews in Goodreads are at least favorable. I expect that opinions will vary for a lot of books, so as along as the average is 3 stars or more, I’m willing to try it. 4) If I win the book or it is gifted or loaned to me, then I’ll definitely try the book.

6. Do you ever review books and post the reviews? 
I haven’t always reviewed books or posted those reviews, but once Goodreads became available and authors asked for reviews, I’ve made it my personal goal to always post an honest review even if I did not like a book. And it is rare for me to not see something good in every book. 

7. What are some of your favorite online and social media hangouts? 
I don’t spend a lot of time on line, but if I do manage to get on line, I go on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter….in that order exactly, which means I’m on FB more than GR or Twitter.

8. Are there any indie author blogs that you read regularly? Honestly, I read the newsletters that are emailed to me. If something catches my eye that indicates more is on their blog, then I’ll go there to read it. This means I don’t really go out to any author’s blog on a regular basis. If so, what brings you back each time?


Olga said…
How refreshing to read an interview of a reader. I look forward to more. Thanks Linda and Dariel!
Dariel Raye said…
Hi, Olga! Always makes my day when you stop by :-) Linda is a sweetheart. That's her beautiful daughter in the pic with her.