Dariel's Flasher Friday Stop: "One Last Game"


Happy Friday! Here's my 100 words on the inspirational pic above. Click here to read my friends' posts :-)

One Last Game

Cupid hung his head. Every grain of salt chewed at his bare ass, the intermittent water’s calm fleeting at best, but he couldn’t move.

Silky raven strands and soulful brown eyes burned to memory stabbed him, Tara’s image, unbearably beautiful.

They said God’s will was not his – only God’s law within reach, but how could he not reach for love, taunted by the gift interminably?

One last game.

Naked, hungry, stranded by the sea, his wings, perfect for quick take-offs and short landings hung useless at his back. 

He sensed Tara’s approach, but what could he do for her now?


Anonymous said…
Oh my, surely all is not lost? Great flash, Dariel :-)
Kayelle Allen said…
love the flash. was worth coming over just for the picture! I pinned that!
Dariel Raye said…
Cool pic, indeed! Pinned to my "Blogspiration" board. Thanks for the encouragement, Ladies :-)
Olga said…
Great pic and entry. I'm sure he'll think of something....;)
Muffy Wilson said…
Beautifully scribed, Dariel. I love the poetic images and your word chices floated then soared. Loved it. xo
Beautiful and full of emotion, I hope he joins with Tara again and finds his love.