Raye's Ravers' October Bash Winners

In celebration of our one month anniversary, and in appreciation for all their time, support, and friendship, I decided the best thing to do was have a party (any excuse, right?). These are the prize winners...

1.      4-line poem
HKK paperback
Catrina Barton 
5. Alpha or Beta
Bodychain/bath gel
 Shellie Hedge
6.  personality test
HKK paperback
 Samantha Woods
8. Monthly drawing
Custom tote
Colleen Everly
9. 2 professions
Small swag pack
 Colleen Everly
10. Fave hero/heroine careers
Gold chain
 Samantha Woods
11. Hero eye colors
Leopard print earrings
 ***saved for next party***
12. How old was I?
HKK paperback
 Shellie Hedge
13. Goodreads
Choice of my books
 Samantha Woods
16. “walk” 
EFRC paw
 ***saved for next party due to time***

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Unknown said…
Yay! Thank you. :)
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for the great night Dariel. I was a wonderful evening